Enjoy Alcohol-Infused Shakes With Tipsy Scoop


Must be at least 21 years of age

Extreme Raspberry Smoothie

Raspberry sorbet, infused with limoncello Liquor. Garnished with lemon and lime fruit gummies wedges, cherry and pineapple 3D gummies, edible orchids, ring pop and umbrella
$  18

Extreme Chocolate Whiskey Shake

Chocolate infused whiskey ice cream. Rimmed with peanut butter, chocolate chips and garnished with a peanut butter whoopie pie, whipped cream and chocolate sauce.
$  18

Extreme Cake Batter Martini Shake

Cake batter infused vodka ice cream. Rimmed with vanilla frosting, rainbow sprinkles and garnished with a frosted cupcake, and whipped cream.
$  18

Tipsy Scoop Pints to Go, ask your server for available flavors
$15 each